Bb Student App

Bb Student is a "free" mobile solution that can be downloaded to your mobile devices. Students will be able to be notified about due dates, view course content, see grades, and students can use the Bb Student app for Blackboard Collaborate.

    • iOS 8+
    • Android 4.0+
    • Windows 10+

    Install the app and log in. From your device, access the appropriate online store.

    • Search for Bb Student
    • Install the app on your mobile device
    • Open Bb Student and search for Ferris State University
    • Log in with your MyFSU username and password
  • OSx

    • Open the App store
    • Click on the "Search" magnifying icon
    • Type in Bb Student in the search (1).  The app is found easier if you use the same case.
    • You will see the Bb Student by Blackboard with the pencil icon shown in the following image. Click to download the app (2).
      Image of the Bb Student App Search Results
    • After it has downloaded, you should see an Open button.  Click on "Open"
      Image to show Open app
    • Enter Ferris State University and your MyFSU Username and Password and click on "Done"
      Image of login
  • OSx

    The Ferris WiFi connections require authentication via a browser to successfully connect a mobile device to the Internet. The option to save a network for future use is available, however, users will still need to authenticate via a browser should the connection be released by the server. The server will automatically require re-authentication after 3 hours. If the WiFi zone is saved you may skip to step 3.

    1. Tap Settings
      Image of iPad settings
    2. Verify that Airplane Mode is off and tap Wi-Fi.  You should see FerriWiFi. 
      Image of Ferris WiFi

    3. Open a web browser by tapping the icon. In this tutorial we will be using Safari.
      Ferris WiFi on iPhone Image 4
    4. You may see an "Isolation Notice."  This notice means that you have not been given access to the network yet.
      Image of Ferris WiFi registration
    5. Read and accept the "Proper Use Policy" agreement. If you do not agree to the policy, you will not be able to access the Ferris Network.
      Imageof WiFi registration
    6. The "Welcome to the Ferris State University Network" screen will open. If you are an employee or student, click on the "Start>>" icon located to the right of Students/Employees option.
      Image of WiFi registration page
    7. Select one of the operating systems in Step 1.  In Step 2, type in your MyFSU Username and Password into the text boxes of the "User Registration" section and click on Login.
      Image of WiFi registration page

    8. You will be taken to a "Success" page with a progress bar. Wait for the bar to finish before continuing.

    9. Once the progress bar has completed, you should be successfully registered and able to browse the Internet using FerrisWiFi.  If you have any problems or receive a message that your device could not be registered, contact the Technology Assistance Center for help. 
      Image of WiFi registration pages