Western Europe: Global Cybersecurity and Digital Media


June 7th to June 21st | Apply Now!

Cultural understanding and awareness are fundamental aspects of commerce, and therefore key components of cyber infrastructure.  The primary goal of this education abroad experience is to experience different cultures, languages, and life styles in order to develop an appreciation for how other perspecives, including those that may be opportunities for partnership in threats to business and security.

Academic Program

3 credits - Global Cybersecurity and Digital Media - ISIN 390 

Students will be chosen who have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and are approved by the professor via interviews.


Estimated program fee of $3,000. Program Fee Includes:  airfare, in-country transportation, lodging, admission fees, insurance & $100 application fee.  Program Fee Does Not Include: Ferris tuition, required textbooks, passport, & personal expenses.

Estimated Total Cost: $4,095

Living Arrangements

Program participants will reside in residence halls or hotels.

Course Information

Jerry Emerick, IRC 220