Brazil: Education

July 20th to August 3rd| Apply Now!

Learn about teaching strategies and other aspects of exceptional and diverse learners.  The program includes special education services, programming, the role of the family and community, and issues regarding the gifted children and diverse populations which will be accomplished with visits to private schools, public schools, and local attractions.

Academic Program

3 credits - Teaching Strategies for Special Education and Diverse Populations K-12 - EDUC 415/508
3 credits - Diversity in the Workplace and Classroom - EDUC 518
3 credits - Special Issues in Education - EDUC 397

Students must be in good academic and judicial standing with a required 2.0 grade point average, along with an approved application and faculty approval.


Estimated program fee of $3000. Program Fee Includesairfare, in-country transportation, admission fees, lodging, insurance & $100 application fee.  Program Fee Does Not Include: Ferris tuition, required textbooks, passport, meals & personal expenses.

Estimated Total Cost: $4,095

Living Arrangements

Program participants will reside in various hotels.

Course Information

Christine Conley-Sowels
(231) 591-5376