Ferris students in India for Spring Break 2011Short Term Study Abroad Programs

Not quite ready to study abroad for a semester or an entire year? Consider a short-term program. These programs are academic classes led by professors who conduct the international program.

Short-term programs usually range from two to four weeks, and you can earn three to six credits. Non Ferris students can also participate in a short-term program. It is a great stepping stone, introducing you to studying outside the United States.

Summer 2014
Costa Rica Costa Rican Culture and Spanish Language Ana Davila Howard
Eric Warner
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El Salvador International Social Work Michael Berghoef Apply Now!
England International Health Care Administration Steven Karnes Apply Now!
England and Germany Comparative Criminal Justice Systems Kristin Walters Apply Now!
France The Faces of France Dan Noren Apply Now!
France and The Netherlands Art and Architecture in France and The Netherlands Robert Quist Apply Now!
Germany and Austria German and Austrian Experience Charles Vannette Apply Now!
Hungary and Romania The Impact of Globalization Upon Eastern European Society Richard W. Griffin Apply Now!
Italy Italian for Business and Travel, Italian Literature, World Short Fiction, or Applied Fermentation John Caserta
Mike Ryan
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Italy The Art and Politics of Ancient and Contemporary Italy

Rachel Foulk

John Gray

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Martinique French Literature Dan Noren Apply Now!
Russia Literature and Biology John Caserta
Mike Ryan
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Scotland & England Education Christine Conley-Sowels Apply Now!
Scotland Literature
Applied Ferrmentation
John Caserta
Mike Ryan
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United Kingdom Sports Communication Sandy Alspach Apply Now!
Western Europe Global Consciousness in Business and Cyber Security Jerry Emerick Apply Now!