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Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Bridging Scholarships for Education Abroad in Japan

DAAD (Germany)

Economic Club of Grand Rapids

Freeman Asia Scholarship (East and Southeast Asia)

Marshal Scholarships (United Kingdom)

Michigan Student Financial Aid Association

National Security Education Program

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

The World Trade Association

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Diversity Abroad

Financial aid should be looked into immediately to see what is available to you. For semester and summer programs we will supply a budget sheet to you and assist you with getting an estimate of the costs involved. This form should be signed by the Education Abroad Coordinator and then taken to the financial aid office. The financial aid office will have the faculty short term program budgets available for consideration.

If you have not yet applied for financial aid, we would recommend you mark on the form that you will be studying abroad that academic year. Most costs may be covered by financial aid, but we encourage everyone to apply for outside scholarships. Below are links to organizations that supply scholarships to students who want to study away – we also forward information to you as we become aware of new opportunities.

Ferris State University International Scholarships

Ferris offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities to its students.To access the full list of opportunities and to submit your application, use either of the two links below as appropriate.

Admitted Students: If you are an admitted student (you have a MyFSU user name and password) please follow these instructions to submit your applications: Log in to MyFSU > Student tab > Financial Aid quick link > select MyScholarships" in the Scholarship portlet.

Barbara Chapman International Scholarship
This scholarship is available to students who have been accepted into a faculty short term or semester Ferris international program. Requirements and details can be found on the application form, which is also available at the Education Abroad Office in IRC 134.

Japan Center for Michigan Universities scholarship program
All students from JCMU consortium members receive the JCMU scholarship. Amounts vary according to time of participation. See the additional scholarship resources on the JCMU website specifically for Japanese studies.

American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS)
American Institute for Foreign Studies offers grants to affiliate institutions and scholarships to students. Students from affiliate institutions may automatically receive $400 grants for semester programs and $200 grants for summer programs. Applicants must be accepted into an AIFS program to qualify. Please see the AIFS website for more scholarship opportunities

AustraLearn provides numerous scholarships to students applying for a semester or year abroad through the AustraLearn program. Applicants must be accepted into an AustraLearn program to qualify. Affiliate and overseas partners scholarships are available and vary according to location and criteria.

Center for International Studies (CIS)
The Center for International Studies Overseas Partner University Scholarship Program was developed in conjunction with selected overseas universities. Applicants must be accepted into a CIS program to qualify. Individual scholarships are available through Ferris as well as through the overseas partners. Oversea partner scholarships vary according to location.

Denmark International Study Program (DIS)
The DIS Board of Directors has allocated need-based scholarship funds to enable you to study abroad in Denmark. 40% of all students receive a DIS study abroad scholarship or discount! Applicants must be accepted into a DIS program to qualify.



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