Beginning Level: Sample Lesson - Nouns

Introduction to Nouns

Level: Beginners
Class: Grammar
Instructor: Bijaya Acharya

Nouns are naming words for a person, place, or thing. Even though there are some nouns that cannot be drawn or touched like beauty, pain, and hope, this activity focuses mainly on the three types of tangible nouns. The lessons starts with an explanation of nouns and the three types the students will learn: people, places, and things. After this, students will complete three tasks. In the first task, students will be given a short paragraph and asked to identify all of the nouns. In the second task, students will be given sentences with missing nouns. They will have to complete the sentences adding in the missing nouns. In the third task, students will begin to place the nouns they see into categories: people, places, or things.

Task #1

In the following paragraph, identify as many of the nouns as you can by drawing a circle around each one. Remember that there may be more than one noun in each sentence.

Jim woke up early because he had to go to the doctor. After showering, he made pancakes and toast for breakfast. Since it was a nice day, Jim walked to the doctor’s office to relieve some stress. Jim was nervous because he needed to have an x-ray. The receptionist asked him to take a seat in the waiting room. There were six people in the room. They were watching football on TV. Once the examination began, Jim began to relax.  He found out that an x-ray is not so terrible after all. After it was over, the doctor gave him a piece of candy to honor his courage.

Task #2

The following questions refer to the paragraph that we just completed. Working with a partner, try to identify which noun best fits each blank.

Example: _____ woke up early. (Jim)

1) Jim had to see his _________.
2) Jim had ________ and _________ for breakfast.
3) It was a nice ________.
4) ________ is the reason for Jim deciding to walk.
5) Jim was nervous about the examination because he needed to have an ___________.
6) The ___________ asked Jim to wait in the waiting ____________.
7)  __________were watching ________ on_______.
8) Because of his ________, Jim received a piece of __________.

Task #3

Place the nouns you circled in their category.