Level 2

Level 2 courses were created for ESL students who have demonstrated a high beginning to intermediate level of English proficiency. Students at this level are capable of carrying on simple conversations in English. These students already have English survival skills, so they can complete tasks like going to the grocery store or ordering food at a restaurant on their own. However, some instruction on American culture, particularly college life, is necessary and taught in the classroom as well as how to understand and use academic American English.

Students who obtain Level 2 are already able to:

  • Complete all of the assumed tasks listed in Level 1
  • Identify and use regular and irregular verbs
  • Identify and use action and non-action verbs
  • Use the simple present, past, and future tenses
  • Identify and use count and non-count nouns, irregular plural nouns, and possessive nouns
  • Understand and use prepositions of place and time
  • Use personal subject, object, and possessive pronouns
  • Use adverbs and adjectives
  • Understand and use basic sentences as well as some compound and complex sentences
  • Use subordinating conjunctions of time and place
  • Use correct sentence capitalization and punctuation
  • Understand basic paragraph structure
  • Learn vocabulary from context
  • Understand basic transitions and simple idiomatic expressions
  • Paraphrase, summarize, outline, and respond to simplified texts
  • Listen to and understand speech at a reduced speed and understand main ideas and some details from simplified conversational and academic texts
  • Understand and produce basic consonant and vowel sounds, syllable stress, and intonation patterns
  • Express likes, dislikes, and agreement
  • Ask for information and make requests
  • Deliver a simple presentation

Sample Lession: Speaking and Listening | Sample Lesson: Writing