International Festival 2012
Week at a Glance
Tuesday, April 10
Globalization Video 11-11:50am IRC 104
American Handshake 11-11:50am IRC 109
Taste of Asia 6-8pm IRC 104
Wednesday, April 11
Wines Around the World 6:30-9:30pm Blue Cow Cafe
Thursday, April 12
State Dept. Speaker: Jack Segal 11-11:50am IRC 121
Global Reflections 6-6:50pm BUS 111
Friday, April 13
The 1st Annual Intercollege WorldQuest Competition 6:30-8:00pm Rankin Ctr Dome Room
Saturday, April 14
International Festival Set-up and Dress Rehearsal   IRC
Sunday, April 15
24th Annual International Festival of Cultures


Children's Poster Competition Winners Revealed 1-5pm IRC
International Festival 2012


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International Festival of Cultures 2012

Join us as we celebrate the collection of cultures that are part of our campus, community, and world. 

Globalization Video
Sponsored by the Globalization Initiative
Tuesday, April 10 at 11am in IRC 104

Ferris State University is working to help students understand the importance of globalization by integrating it into instruction in the classroom. Come view part of the documentary that chronicles this effort.

American Handshake
Sponsored by the International Student Organization
Tuesday, April 10 at 11am in IRC 109

A handshake can tell you a lot about a person, but what can it tell you about a culture? Come join the InternationaInternational Festival 2012l Student Organization in exploring how greetings vary from country to country. Find out what international students thought the first time you said "hello" and how your words and gestures are interpreted by others.

Taste of Asia
Sponsored by the Asian Student Organization and the Office of Multicultural Student Services
Tuesday, April 10 at 6pm in IRC 104

You are invited to attend the Asian Student Organization's Mixer! The event will include a potluck (bring a dish to pass), crafts & games, and fellowship with fellow students.

Wines Around the World
Sponsored by the Blue Cow Cafe
Wednesday, April 11 at 6:30pm at the Blue Cow Cafe in downtown Big Rapids

Join us at the Blue Cow Café to for a tasting of Wines Around the World. Wines from each continent will be featured with appetizers paired with each sample. You must be 21 or over to purchase tickets for this event. The ticket price is $30.00 and can be purchased at the Office of International Education IRC 134 or the Blue Cow Cafe in downtown Big Rapids.

Lost in Afghanistan: America's Political and Military Dilemma
Sponsored by the Center for Global Studies and Engagement
Thursday, April 12 at 11am in IRC 121
Jack Segal
Jack Segal, U.S. State Department Speaker, has been actively involved in American foreign policy for decades. For eight years, he was the senior political adviser to the NATO commander overseeing the Afghanistan conflict. This presentation will seek to define how the US-led military and political campaign went astray in Afghanistan and the border region of Pakistan. It will review briefly some of the key turning points in the campaign: the expansion of the NATO-led military effort, the assessment of General McChrystal, a series of fraudulent Afghan elections, the resurgence of the Taliban and "warlordism", the discouraging outcome of the US military "surge" of 2009-12 and the subsequent reversion from counterinsurgency to counter-terrorism as the fundamental strategy.

Global Reflections
Sponsored by the Globalization Initiative and NAACP Ferris Chapter
Thursday, April 12 at 6pm in BUS 111
Join us with Dr. Norman Sauer from Michigan State University as we reflect on "We may not be who we think we are: The role of human diversity in understanding human races. 

The 1st Annual Intercollege WorldQuest Competition
Sponsored by the Center for Global Studies and Engagement
Friday, April 13 at 6:30pm in the Rankin Center Dome Room

Ever wonder how much your professors and College Deans know about World Affairs. If so, then this event is for you. Come watch some of Ferris' finest match wits on topics such as current affairs, world leaders, geography, recent history, flags, international organizations, countries, regions, the world economy, culture, religion, and more.

24th Annual International Festival of Cultures
Sponsored by the Presidents' Office
Sunday, April 15 at 1pm held in the IRC building

Delicious food, unique dance steps and diverse music are just a few features of  the 24th Annual International Festival of Cultures. The Festival will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, April 15. The signature international event of the year, it provides a platform for the University's international students, faculty and staff to create an environment for learning about different cultures through food, entertainment, crafts, and more. Open to the campus and public, the festival is an opportunity to experience the international flavors Big Rapids has to offer.

Children's Poster Contest Winners RevealedInternational Festival 2012
Sponsored by the Center for Global Studies and Engagement
Sunday, April 15 at 1pm presented in the IRC building
Each year, the Office of International Education asks students from the local elementary schools to design a poster based on our International Festival Theme.  Stop by the International Festival to see who won!