International Application Deadlines & Key Dates

As you plan to begin your studies in the United States and at Ferris State University, there are deadlines and key dates that will help you during the process. Below are the application deadlines by which all materials must be submitted for review, as well as the arrival and orientation dates for the upcoming semesters.

Application Deadlines
Semester Deadline
Fall (begins last week of August) June 15
Spring (begins second week of January) October 15

Summer (begins second week of May) 

February 15 

Arrival & Orientation Dates
Summer 2014 Semester
Arrival Deadline Thursday, May 15
Orientation and Registration May 15, 16
First day of Classes May 20
Last day of Classes August 14
Fall 2014 Semester
Arrival Deadline Monday, August 18
Orientation and Registration August 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
First day of Classes August 25
Last day of Classes December 12
Spring 2015 Semester
Arrival Deadline Tuesday, January 6
Orientation and Registration January 6, 7, 8, 9
First day of Classes January 12
Last day of Classes May 8

Last updated: 02-18-2014