Rock Overview

Have you heard the word? There's a new way to get around on campus while we're under construction! 

We will have a bus to take students from FLITE to the new Westside Cafe, the University Bookstore and back again from 11am-8pm every weekday. Approximate round trip time will be every 12-15 minutes. 

Bonus: From 11am-1:30pm, we'll have double the buses running for the lunch hour, cutting your wait time in half!' 


On behalf of our entire Dining Services staff, welcome to Ferris State University. We want to provide the finest quality food and service at reasonable cost to our students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Our meal plans offer flexibility, convenience, and great food value. Each of our food service operations provide a variety of carefully prepared, nutritious, and tasty foods along with personalized service for a pleasant dining experience.

We play an integral part in helping you make the transition from home life to campus life here in our community.

Dining Services plays an important role in your stay at Ferris because we have frequent daily contact with campus students. Pleasing you is not only our primary goal, it is our job!

Please use our website as a guide to dining at Ferris State University. Have a happy and healthy year!