Ferris to Host Eve of Nations International Dinner Event

Ferris State University Journeys to the Eve of NationsEmbark on the Eve of Nations journey on Friday, Oct. 7 with Ferris State University as the Office of International Education provides a progressive dinner that takes guests to China, the Middle East and France without leaving campus.

The progressive dinner begins at 7 p.m. in the Rankin Student Center Dome Room. Tickets can be purchased at the OIE in IRC 134 or at the Old Pioneer Store in downtown Big Rapids. Tickets prices are as follows: $25, for one; $40, for two; and $100, for a table of six.

Alcoholic beverages such as wine and Ouzo will be available and dinner entertainment will be provided courtesy of Ferris student talent. Ferris Hmong dancers and an Iranian violinist will showcase their cultures as the progressive dinner continues throughout the evening.

“The goal of the event is to really create cultural awareness to take people on a journey,” said International Student Services Advisor Shana Beisiegel. “People who attend the Eve of Nations event will be exposed to different cultures without leaving the comfort of Big Rapids.”

The menu consists of three courses. The first course takes guests to China for hot and sour soup with veggie pot stickers. Middle Eastern cuisine will be provided for the main course, which includes lamb, chicken, spinach pie, graph leave, humus, rice, pita bread and more. Vegetarian selections also are available. The progressive dinner’s final destination will be to France for crème brulee and coffee.

The OIE has collaborated with multiple student organizations such as the Hospitality program, Music Industry Management Association, the International Organization and the Saudi Student Organization in order to make Eve of Nations a success.

The winners from the OIE photo competition will also be revealed at the event. All photos will be on display. For more information about the event, contact OIE at (231) 591-2824 or visit http://www.ferris.edu/international/.