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Commencement Symbols
The Ferris State University Seal
The Ferris State University seal represents founder Woodbridge N. Ferris’
educational philosophy, which has guided the university since 1884.
The torch symbolizes enlightenment — the light of truth and
knowledge, the fire of inspiration challenging each student to excel.
Opportunity and industry are the underlying principles of this
philosophy and provide the graduate with guidelines to follow
throughout life. Opportunity is the chance for each individual to realize
his or her greatest potential. Industry is the combination of the vital
qualities of diligence, perseverance and discipline.
The Mace Bearer
The office of Mace Bearer is ceremonial and is derived from medieval England, when an official
taking office or opening court needed a bodyguard. In those times, the mace, a formidable
weapon, was held ready to protect the person in charge. Since that time, however, it has become a
symbol of office and is carried in the processional to dignify the ceremony.
A university representative known as the Mace Bearer carries the mace and leads in the presidential
party. The mace is displayed on stage during the ceremony.
The university mace was created by staff of the Manufacturing Engineering Technology program for
use during formal university functions.
Banners representing each of the degree-granting colleges are displayed on the stage.
Ferris Fidelity
(Words and Music: Graham T. Overgard)
As constant as the Northern Star
Our faith we pledge to thee.
Our word, our bond, our oath, our trust
To you fidelity.
From the promise of the crimson dawn
To sunset’s mellow gold
Thy spirit shall prevail.
We pledge allegiance as of old
Ferris State, All Hail!
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