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December 14, 2013
Dear Graduate,
Congratulations on your graduation from Ferris State University. Today you have
reached an important milestone. Receiving a college degree places you within
a unique and special segment of society. You now belong to an exceptional group
of individuals — Ferris State University alumni, who are leaders in all facets of
business, education, industry, health care and public service.
We are extraordinarily proud of you and your achievements. On behalf of our
faculty, I extend our congratulations to you on this most special of days. Like you,
we understand that commencement is just the beginning of exciting and rewarding
opportunities. We are confident that, together, we have helped create a lifelong
commitment to discovery, learning and continued growth. When we may be of
assistance to you, please call upon us.
As you enjoy this day, I encourage you to pause and thank those who have helped
and supported you throughout this educational journey. It is important to remember
that today’s achievement stems not only from your own efforts, but also those of
family, friends, faculty, fellow students and scholarship donors.
You have now joined a learned community of more than 130,000 Ferris alumni.
You and your fellow alumni are ambassadors of the University to those within
their professions — employers, co-workers, clients — and to personal acquaintances.
In this role you can encourage prospective students to make use of the free online
application process to become students at Ferris State University. There are many, many
other ways you can maintain a close relationship with your alma mater. Please keep
in touch with your University and classmates through the Alumni Association Online
Community at
I hope you will come back and visit us often. I look forward to hearing from you.
Please accept my best wishes for your continued success.
David L. Eisler
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