Scott Byers

Scott Byers

Education/Training, Computer Software/Hardware

By Mary Harris

As Content Director at Media 1 in Grand Haven, Michigan, Scott Byers spends a majority of this time with Project Management. He earned a bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in Social Sciences at Western Michigan University. Since his graduation in 1989, he has held many jobs related to the field of writing.

Scott grew up in Indiana until the age of 15 when his family moved to Grand Haven, Michigan, where he currently lives. Scott also lived in the Chicago area and Traverse City. While Scott travels occasionally because of his job, he admits that traveling is mostly a pain. A good example would be his trip to Barcelona, where he got into a car thinking it was a cab, only to find out that it was someone’s personal car! Despite the incident, Scott enjoyed the trip and the experience.

Having fun on the job is one of the many joys in life and Scott is no exception. He and his colleagues can be found around the water cooler having a laugh or two. Interacting with people from other cultures is very rewarding “Working with people from all over the world gives you such a great perspective on life,” says Scott, “It also makes me appreciate the United States.”

Technology has changed over the years, and many have had to learn on their feet, including Scott. He loves change and learning new software has never been difficult for him. A large part of Scott’s job is learning whatever the topic of his customers’ training program happens to be.  He spends most of his time at his computer writing or editing everything from audio scripts, classroom instructor guides, and storyboards that describe the text. The programs he uses the most are Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Captivate, and Saba Publisher.

Scott has not always wanted to be a writer. He started out as a Botany/Ecology major but soon realized that he did not like the math involved.  He then switched to History, which required analysis and writing, and he found that he had a talent for it. He has put that talent to use as a writer, proofreader, copyeditor, website designer, pre-press layout editor, and a Mac software QC technician.

Scott went to college later in life and worked hard to pay off his education as a landscape gardener and through several odd jobs.  As to whether college prepared him for the work force, Scott emphasized “College only gives you the foundation. You need real world experience to put it to work.” Judging from his work history and experience in his chosen field, he has followed his own advice.

Scott admits that he doesn’t know where he will be in five years given the changing economy. He would rather stay with what is certain than try a career move. As to whether the economy will affect his career remains to be seen. His career is constantly in motion in order to get things done faster at a lower cost; change is certain in this field.

While Scott has, in a sense, stumbled into this job, he does have advice for others who wish to join the same career path.  Hard work and getting your foot in the door are the best things you can do to jump start your career. “You’d be surprised at how far a really motivated person can go,” he added. “You have to be willing to work harder than the people around you in order to stand out from everyone else.”

Dreams for the future change over time.  In college, Scott’s plan was to graduate and pay off student loans. Now his dreams are to raise his children, hopefully write a book, and of course paying off his mortgage wouldn’t be terrible either!

In his free time Scott enjoys gardening, fishing, photography, computers, and digital graphics. He lives with his wife Rosanne and their three children: Joelle 15, Lyssa 12, and Christopher 10. “My dreams now are to see all my kids raised and through college and turn out to be godly honorable people,” Scott said.

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