Kim Cherry

TPC Alumni, Business/Publishing

By Mary Harris and Kayla Konway

As the Office Manager for a small commercial real estate agency, Kim Cherry uses technical writing skills every day. Kim originally went into Business Management, but then decided that technical writing sounded like a more interesting career. Kim attended both Ferris State University and Delta Community College. Kim earned her bachelor’s degree in Technical & Professional Communication from Ferris State Univesity.

Kim has held a number of job positions including Administrative Assistant, Marketing Assistant, and her current position as Office Manager for a commercial real estate company. The design and writing skills she learned in college have come in handy in all of these positions. In the past she has been responsible for producing fliers, event programs, newsletters, and magazine content.

In her current job as Office Manager, Kim is responsible for maintaining the company website, completing human resource tasks, producing marketing fliers, and general accounting. She also has to use general office and organization skills. She communicates with people every day, from tenants and their issues, vendors on construction projects, and investors.

Kim loves being a technical writer. She loves that people look to her for direction on how to write or present information. She enjoys being creative with ideas and information. She became the “go-to-girl” at many of her previous jobs. Writing is a skill that employers require in all types of jobs and having that skill can help you excel. Kim doesn’t see a down side to being a technical writer; if there is a negative aspect, she has not encountered it yet.

During college Kim completed an internship with Saginaw Community Hospital, working in the Public Relations department, writing articles for their newsletter. This internship gave Kim experience in the professional writing field.

A mentor is something that Kim never had, but she strives to be one to others in her field. “I try to impact others by leading from example,” Kim said. She feels that others are comfortable with coming to her with questions. She is proficient with the use of desktop publishing software, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

Kim is happy with her decision regarding her career. She would not really change anything about her career, except possibly staying longer in her first technical writing position. She says she really didn’t give it enough of a chance.

Advice she would give future technical writers would be to try many different types of communication. Everything from reports, emails, and letters will be expected in any type of field you go into. “Don’t forget that the spoken word is just as important as the written,” Kim cautions. It is important to be able to communicate with people on many levels.

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