Business Policies - Treatment of Students Injured in Class

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TO: All Members of the University Community 97:17
DATE: September 1997

Treatment of Students Injured in Class
(Supersedes 82:3; updated, not revised)

Students who are injured in class for any reason should be referred to the Birkam Health Center, or Mecosta County Medical Center, depending on the severity of the injury. Referrals to the Birkam Health Center can be made on a "no charge" basis when, in the judgment of the instructor, treatment should be provided without delay. In such instances, instructors should advise the Health Center by phone of the referral and authorize the visit to be on a "no charge" basis. Either the student or the instructor need to fill out the "Student Incident/Accident Report".

Students referred to Mecosta County Medical Center would be on the same basis as for a normal out-patient hospital visit. The student (or parents) or his/her insurance would be expected to cover resulting costs.

Richard P. Duffett,
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Contact: Birkam Health Center