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Business Policies - Graduate Tuition Policy

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TO: All Members of the University Community 97:22
DATE: September 1997

Graduate Tuition Rates (supersedes 89:14)

    Ferris State University offers academic degrees beyond the baccalaureate level. It is recognized that graduate courses are more expensive to offer than undergraduate courses. In response, the Board of Trustees, on April 12, 1986, approved a differential tuition rate for graduate course offerings.
    Graduate tuition is charged to all students coded in courses of study that have been identified as graduate curricula, with the exception of the graduate programs in the Colleges of Optometry and Pharmacy. Graduate students will be assessed the graduate tuition rate for all courses taken, regardless of whether or not the courses are numbered 500 or above. Graduate tuition is assessed on a rate per credit hour basis.

    Undergraduate students taking an incidental 500 level course will be assessed the under- graduate rate for all courses taken. It is the responsibility of the host department to provide reasonable restriction on the number of hours allowed in such circumstances.

    Evening college and other special/unclassified students taking 500 and above level courses will be charged the graduate tuition rate provided that they are classified as students in a graduate level program.

    Professional student tuition rates are determined annually by the Board of Trustees and are assessed in the same manner as undergraduate tuition rates.

    The Board of Trustees establishes all graduate tuition rates.

Richard P. Duffett,
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Contact: Finance Office