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Personnel Action Forms (PAF)
Please select the type of personnel action you are processing:
Action Description
New Hire Process form for a new employee who has never worked at Ferris before or whose only employment with Ferris has been as a Student Employee.
Re-hire Process form for a previous employee who has worked at Ferris before but does not have a current assignment. Examples: An employee hired after any break in employment is considered a re-hire. Adjunct faculty who are hired semester by semester are considered re-hires each semester assignment.
Separation Process form to permanently separate an employee from employment at Ferris.
End Assignment Only Process form to end a part-time or additional assignment of an active, current employee. This will not end their employment with the University, just end the assignment. Example: A part-time clerical employee has been awarded a Secretary Level 2 position. Use this form to end the part-time position.
Transfer Process form to transfer an employee with a current assignment to another new primary assignment without any break in employment dates. Example: A part-time employee with a current assignment who is awarded a new full-time position as a result of a hiring process would be considered a transfer.
Extension Process form to extend the current assignment of a part-time temporary or full-time temporary employee.
Less than 12 Month Assignment Process form annually to establish the employment dates for the coming year for a 9-month CTA employee and Less than 12 Month Coaches or Administrative Staff.
Salary Increase Process form to increase an employee's assignment salary for various reasons.
Leave of Absence Process form to place an employee on a leave of absence for one of the following purposes: sabbatical, military, or other. Use the Return from Leave form to return an employee from leave.
Additional Compensation Process form to pay an employee additional compensation per the provisions of the Additional Compensation Policy, honorariums, CTA blended assignments, or for one-time miscellaneous pays.
Additional Assignment Process form to create an additional assignment for a current employee. Employees can have only one primary assignment at Ferris. If an employee already has a primary assignment at Ferris, any other assignment is considered an additional assignment. Example: An adjunct faculty has a primary assignment teaching in Big Rapids. If FSU-GR also hires this employee, this assignment would be considered an additional assignment. Note: Full-time faculty and staff overload teaching assignments are processed using the Overload forms below.
Overloads (Teaching) Process form to create an overload assignment for full-time faculty or staff. Example: Ranked Faculty Overload.
Reclassification Process form for an employee whose position has been reclassified.
Title Change Process form to change an employee's title only.
Release Time Process form for release time of a full-time faculty member only.
Department/FOAP Change Process form to change an employee's department and/or FOAP only.
Faculty Summer Assignment Process form to create a summer assignment for an FFA employee or for Kendall summer assignments.
Reduced Workload Process form to change the FTE, FOAP, and salary for an FFA employee's job.


After completing PAF, please print out and send through for appropriate signatures and make copies as needed.

Signature Guide

If you are not sure which action to use or have questions about any of these PAFs, please call the Human Resources Employment staff at: 231-591-2150.