Council Members 2010-11
Sandra Alspach Professor of Communication and Political Engagement Project Faculty Coordinator
Anthony Baker Associate Professor of Sociology; PEP Scholar
Michael Berghoef Professor of Social Work; PEP Scholar
Sandra Burns Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene, PEP Steering Committee
Richard Griffin Professor of Political Science; Faculty Coordinator for PEP (on Sabbatical SP11)
Scott Herron Associate Professor of Biology and Education Program Coordinator; PEP Scholar
Richard Hewer Associate Professor of Accountancy, Finance and Information Systems; At Large, COB, PEP Steering Committee
Judith Hooper Associate Professor of Developmental Curriculum; At Large, University College
William Potter Dean of University College; Administrative Coordinator for PEP and ASL
Steve Reifert Director, School of Criminal Justice; At Large, College of Education and Human Services
Wendy Samuels Associate Professor of Social Work: Faculty Coordinator of ASL; PEP Scholar
John Schmidt Director/Professor, Construction Technology and Management, ASL Steering Committee
Randall Schroeder Department Head for Public Services; At Large, FLITE
Todd Stanislav Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning; At large, FCTL
Vickie Streeter Administrative Assistant for PEP and ASL
Stephanie Thomson Assistant Professor of Humanities; At Large, College of Arts & Sciences, PEP Steering Committee
Nate Tymes Professor, Marketing Department, PEP Steering Committee