West Campus Community Center

On Campus Apartments

Ferris State University provides 288 University Apartments to meet the needs of single students and students with families. The University Apartments are divided into two different complexes: West Campus and South Campus.

Applicant must be a fully accepted, matriculated student and must not have any outstanding debt to the University to apply for an apartment.

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H & K Buildings and South Campus - Traditional Single Student Apartment 19 years and older

The University has 88 Single Student Apartments - 76 one-bedroom apartments and 12 two-bedroom apartments for single upper class students, 19 years and older. These apartments offer students the opportunity to enjoy "apartment" life, with the added convenience of being close to their classes.

Single Student Townhouse - West Campus 19 years and older

Also available to single students on west campus are two and three bedroom townhouse apartments. These townhouses have a full basement with a washer and dryer, a main living area and an upstairs with two or three bedrooms. Single upper class students, 19 years and older, may apply for these apartments. Rent is charged by the bedroom. Resident has a private bedroom and shares main living area with roommate(s).

Family Housing - West Campus - Married couples and single Parents

Each court has a bus stop for school-aged children. The entire complex is adorned with trees, bushes and interconnecting sidewalks. There is a playground for the children, which includes basketball courts, plenty of green space and a play station for younger children.