Taggart Hall

1403 S. State St. | (231) 591-6815

Located on South Campus. This hall has four floors and is coed by suite. This hall has rooms available for students with special needs and houses first-year students through seniors. Taggart also houses our Graphic Design learning environment.  Students in the Graphic Design program are encouraged to reside in Taggart Hall.  Located in the building is a special design lab, a secure computer lab, a fully ventilated adhesive spray room, and light tables available to students in this program.

The Terrace floor holds all private rooms (available on first come basis for an additional $968 per semester).  Floors 1-3 are double occupancy.  Taggart rooms are furnished with a standard 76" twin bunk bed set, 2 desks each with bookshelf and chair, 2 wardrobe cabinets with 2 drawers, and a dresser. Curtains cover the 60" x 51" window. Every room has a cable TV, and ethernet connection. Taggart also has wireless throughout the building. .

In addition, the south wing of third floor of Taggart Hall is the home of the Substance Free/Health and Wellness environment. All residents living within the Substance Free/Health and Wellness environment will sign a behavioral contract agreeing to adhere to an environment free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This agreement is the lynchpin of our program's success, and failure to meet its expectations may lead to being removed from the third floor of Taggart.