Student Telephone Outreach

We have a group of students on campus that reach out to friends and alum of Ferris to engage them on updates and opportunities on campus they can be a part of. Aside from making connections over the phone, the Telephone Student Outreach Program raises money for the university to provide student scholarships, improve academic programs, invest in research, assist in faculty resources, and guarantee that each student has the essentials to succeed in and outside the classroom! All of our supporters are able to specify exactly where they would like their funds to go. Many Bulldogs support student scholarships and programs they were a part of while studying here. Other Bulldogs support athletics, FLITE library, on campus art programs, and study abroad programs. No matter how you show your investment into Ferris, the support is all that matters. 

Philanthropy is our foundation!

President Eisler shows his support to the student callers at a luncheon.

Brutus made a visit to the student callers! 


    Some of our student callers after their lunch with The Ferris Foundation board members