Telephone Outreach Program

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The Telephone Outreach Program is the single most effective way to speak with the largest number of potential donors in the shortest period of time.  By phoning alumni and friends of the University, student callers are able to build a relationship with them that will lead them to make a gift to the University.  A letter can be a useful tool used to connect with individuals, but a telephone call is interactive: students present compelling and specific reasons for giving to the University.  An engaging conversation can be the most important reason a donor will give this year.  If the person has a good experience speaking with a student and finds the case compelling, Ferris will receive a charitable gift.

In the first year (2013) of operating a calling center on the university campus using Ferris State University students, many records were broken. This year (2014-15), we broke most of the records again.

  • Pledges – 2,621 (last year = 2,137)
  • Dollars - $152,643 (last year = $132,668) 

The Telephone Outreach Program raised a record amount of $152,643, which over the course of 30 weeks calling, amount to an average of $5,060 per week.

Student Fundraisers

Annual giving funds are primarily used for scholarships and programs specified by the donor.