The Ferris Foundation Board of Directors

John Hare
Dr. John Hare, Chair
B '68, D. Bus. (Hon) '03
President (Retired)
ABC Radio
Dallas, Texas
Gary Granger
Mr. Gary Granger, Chair-Elect
Granger Group
Wyoming, Michigan
Howard Stross
Mr. Howard C. Stross, Immediate Past Chair
B '69
Stross Law Firm, P.A.
Palm Harbor, Florida
Thomas Scholler
Mr. Thomas P. Scholler, Secretary
B '59, D. Bus (Hon) '84
Director of Planned Giving
Archdiocese of Detroit
Clarkston, Michigan
Jerry Scoby
Mr. Jerry L. Scoby, Treasurer
Vice President
Ferris State University
Administration & Finance
Big Rapids, Michigan
Carla Miller
Ms. Carla Miller, Executive Director
& Associate VP for Special and Leadership Gifts

Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan
Melinda Anderson
Ms. Mindy Anderson
Vice President of Marketing and Product Management
BlackRidge Technology
Palo Alto, California
Susan Jones
Ms. Susan Jones
Ferris State University
Traverse City, Michigan
Kenneth Bailey
Mr. Kenneth Bailey
T '90
Project Executive
Rockford Construction
Ada, Michigan
Ken Kuk
Mr. Ken Kuk
T '80, EHS '88
Professor, Welding Engineering Technology
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan
Mike Bigford
Mr. Michael Bigford
Utility Supply and Construction Company
Big Rapids, Michigan
Stephanie Leonardos
Dr. Stephanie Leonardos
D. Bus.(Hon) '09
President and CEO
Ada, Michigan
Kevin Cross
Mr. Kevin Cross
B '86
Linkfield and Cross Agency, Inc.
Ada, Michigan
Dr. Karl Linebaugh
D. Bus.(Hon) '15
North Region President
Chemical Bank
Big Rapids, Michigan
Dale DeHaan
Mr. Dale DeHaan
B '70
Client Executive
Hylant Group
Alto, Michigan
Timothy Murphy
Mr. Timothy Murphy
EHS '83
Thomas Rueters Special Services, LLC
Frederickburg, VA
Paul Eichenberg
Mr. Paul M. Eichenberg
T '92 
Vice President of Business
Development and Strategy
Jason Incorporated
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dennis W. Nickels
Mr. Dennis W. Nickels
P '69
Corporate and Governmental Consultation
Deloitte Consulting Retired
Grand Haven, Michigan
David L. Eisler
Dr. David L. Eisler
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan
Randall Phelps
Mr. Randall L. Phelps
B '83
HNI Incorporated
Ada, Michigan
Jean K. Elder
Dr. Jean K. Elder
A&S D. Pub Srv (Hon) '87

CEO and Senior Partner
J.K. Elder and Associates
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jack Roberts
Mr. Jack Roberts
President and CEO
Peak Positions SEO
Traverse City, Michigan
John Engleman
Dr. John Engelman II
A&S '64, D. Sc. (Hon) '03
Scientist (Retired)
S C Johnson & Son, Inc.
Racine, Wisconsin
Karl Roth
Mr. Karl Roth
P '55
Vice President/Lead Partner
Wells Fargo Advisors
Roth-Cooley Financial Group
Bay City, Michigan
Robert Friar
Dr. Robert Friar
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan
Dick Shaw
Mr. Dick Shaw
EHS '71, T '63
Educational Consultant
Grand Rapids, Michigan
James Giroux
Mr. James Giroux
T '75
Dow Chemical (Retired)
Stanwood, Michigan
Gary Trimarco
Mr. Gary Trimarco
Gary Trimarco Automotive
Big Rapids, Michigan
Kurt Hofman
Mr. Kurt Hofman
T '83
Vice President
RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.
Wayland, Michigan
Sueann Walz
Ms. Sueann Walz
Assistant Vice President/Manager (Retired)
Independent Bank
Big Rapids, Michigan
Barbara Horn
Dr. Barbara Horn
O '98
ExpertEyes, Family Eye Center & Optical
Washington/Chesterfield, Michigan
Luke Wyckoff
Mr. Luke Wyckoff
EHS '91, B '93,br />Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Social Media Energy
Denver, Colorado
Mr. Richard E. Hurst
Retired Businessman
Belmont, Michigan
Mr. Joe Mikols
Professor Emeritus
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan
Mrs. Mary Garvelink
EHS '72
President, Commercial Design Engineering
Colorado Springs, CO
Ms. Beth Peacock
Labor Relations Manager (Retired)
Vehicle Operations
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan
Mr. Denny Lerner
B '70
President & Owner
Lerner Financial Group
Big Rapids, Michigan