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WW2 Poster of Smiling Soldier Waving Goodbye

November 9 - December 19, 2015: " WWII Propaganda Posters from the Dr. Matt Klein & Dr. Nancy Peterson - Klein Collection"

Research & Didactics by History Students led by Professor Dr. Tracy Busch

November 12, 2015:  “The Persuasive Powers of Propaganda” presentation by Dr. Pasquale Di Raddo 11am and 6pm during the reception in the gallery, UCB 205.

November 12, 2015:  Reception and presentation: 5-7 pm, UCB 205

During active American involvement in World War II (1941–45), propaganda was used to increase support for the war and commitment to an Allied victory. Using a vast array of media, propagandists instigated hatred for the enemy and support for America's allies, urged greater public effort for war production, persuaded people to save and recycle so that more material could be used for the war effort, and sold war bonds to fund the war.   

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