The Rankin Art Gallery Mission Statement 

    The mission of the Rankin Art Gallery of Ferris State University is to serve faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community by preserving, collecting, exhibiting, and fostering the understanding of works of art, and to stimulate appreciation for and advance the knowledge of works of art at the highest possible museum and scholarly standards.  

     The Rankin Art Gallery is dedicated to educating, enriching and engaging students and the public through art exhibitions of the highest quality and to promoting the visual arts within our community.  The Gallery fulfills this mission by exhibiting originally conceived art exhibits on a rotating basis throughout the academic year and by exhibiting the University Collections in public spaces throughout campus. The Gallery is also dedicated to supporting the educational and cultural mission of Ferris State University. These offerings are supported by the Department of Humanities and guided by the Director.

     Expanding on the Gallery’s mission statement, the The Rankin Art Gallery's specific mission is to present exhibitions, related activities (lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and other educational programs, etc.), and publications which represent a wide range of media, cultures, and time periods. All exhibitions and related activities are planned in accordance with the mission statement. Criteria for selecting exhibitions include artistic excellence; diversity of aesthetic traditions; attention to the cultural diversity represented within the university demographics; correlation to academic programs; and the educational potential of exhibitions, lectures, and publications.  

Carrie Weis
Statement of Curatorial Philosophy

It is my goal to establish an environment of learning, enrichment and inspiration with exhibitions that create relationships between art and ideas and provides the audience with something new and unexpected.  I am primarily concerned with curating exhibitions for the Gallery of the highest aesthetic quality, based upon diversity of medium, concept, artistic style and educational opportunities.  I think it is imperative to foster an appreciation of and exposure to the arts while maintaining the integrity of a higher education program.