Advisory Group

During the past several years, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning has been well-served by a generous, thoughtful, and dedicated group of faculty and staff who comprise the Advisory Group to the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Not unlike advisory boards with which you may be familiar, the FCTL Advisory Group's charge is to "help guide the relevance, effectiveness, and direction of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning." But unlike some advisory boards, ours is comprised of volunteers. And lots of them! Since 2006, 69 faculty and 2 staff members from 7 colleges, FLITE, and the Retention and Student Success area have played an invaluable role in the work of the Faculty Center.

This model of a larger Advisory Group has two important benefits, including:

  • Hearing multiple and varied voices from faculty and staff who have a vested interest in the work of the Faculty Center
  • Allowing members of the Advisory Group to respond to FCTL needs, questions, and so forth when their schedules, time, and interest permit.

That is to say, we don't expect every member to necessarily respond to our every need or question. But if time and interest permit, we value your input! With such a large group, in nearly every instance in the past of a request for input, guidance, etc., there has been a "critical mass" of members who have contributed their time and perspectives.

The FCTL staff invite you to join our Advisory Group. Should you choose to do this, our one expectation is that you serve for two years (you're always welcome to serve additional two-year terms!). Thank you for your consideration of this invitation. Please contact email: to join the Advisory Group. If you have any questions, please contact Todd Stanislav by email at: or at ext. 3541.

Name College
Terri Aldrich IT Services
Cathy Archer Health Professions
Katie Axford Pharmacy
Kim Beistle Health Professions
Sheri Bell Business
Ann Breitenwischer FLITE
Sandy Burns Health Professions
Kimn Carlton-Smith Arts & Sciences
Cheryl Cluchey College of Prof & Tech Studies
Christine Conley-Sowels Education & Human Services
Mark DeKoster Engineering Technology
Sagar Deshpande Engineering Technology
Amy Dinardo Optometry
Daniel Ding Arts & Sciences
Timothy Eklin Education & Human Services
Jerry Emerick Business
Anita Fagerman Business
Rachel Foulk Arts & Sciences
Rick Griffin Arts & Sciences
Kathleen Harlan Health Professions
Nancy Hogan Education & Human Services
Annette Jackson Health Professions
Alison Jenerou Optometry
Susan Jones Business
Amy Kavanaugh Education & Human Services
Warren Klope Engineering Technology
Paul Long Engineering Technology
Gloria Lukusa-Barnett University College
Brad McCormick Health Professions
Emily Mitchell FLITE
Matt Moresi Arts & Sciences
Susan Morris Arts & Sciences
Robert Most Engineering Technology
Kristy Motz FLITE
Warner Myntti Business
George Nagel Arts & Sciences
Vivian Nazar Business
Dan Noren Arts & Sciences
Arinze Okere Pharmacy
Jody Ollenquist Arts & Sciences
Mary Frances Ross Pharmacy
Betty Stolarek Arts & Sciences
Mischelle Stone Education & Human Services
Mark Thomson Arts & Sciences
Spence Tower Business
Kari Vavra Pharmacy
John Vermeer Business
Susan Wancour Health Professions
Michelle Weemaes Health Professions
Greg Wellman Pharmacy
Helen Woodman University College



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