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B.S. Courses

ARCH 110 – Introduction to Computer Graphics in Architecture
2 Semester Credit Hours
Students in this course learn development of architectural graphic concepts using microcomputer-based CADD (Computer Aided Design/Drafting) systems.

COMM 221 – Small Group Decision Making
3 Semester Credit Hours
Decision making and problem-solving in small groups. Students participate in groups and evaluate group functioning from the perspective of small group communication concepts.

ECON 221 – Principles of Economics
3 Semester Credit Hours
Scope and meaning of economic principles basic to a free market economy. Equilibrium price formation and the efficiency of resource allocation in a market economy. National income accounting, determination of equilibrium national, income, recession, and expansion. Government policy toward economic fluctuation, unemployment and inflation. The role of money and banking in recession and inflation.

HVAC 312 – HVAC Control Theory and Application
4 Semester Credit Hours
The study of control loop theory related to commercial and industrial comfort, process and safety applications. The course focuses on analog electronic and pneumatic control components and their systems used in new and existing installations. Lab exercises concentrate on control system operation and analysis.

HVAC 331 – HVAC Secondary Equipment Selection and Design
5 Semester Credit Hours
A study of water and air systems used in commercial and industrial buildings. Course emphasizes system design, equipment and component selection and selected problems and solutions. Instrumentation, testing and balancing will be emphasized for optimum energy conservation and maximum comfort.

HVAC 342 – HVAC Load Calculations and Energy Codes
3 Semester Credit Hours
An examination of the layout and design of energy efficient combination systems (heating and cooling) found in commercial and industrial buildings. Complete heat loss and heat gain calculations will be performed both manually and through currently available computer software. Energy estimating methods will be studied and an analysis of an actual building conducted. State of the art equipment will be selected for maximum energy efficiency. Current federal, state and local codes and standards (as set forth by ASHRAE) will be examined as they apply to HVAC systems.

HVAC 393 – Summer Internship
4 Semester Credit Hours
Work experience in commercial and industrial HVACR settings. Ten weeks, minimum.

HVAC 415 – HVAC Digital Control Systems
4 Semester Credit Hours
The study of digital electronic control of HVAC mechanical systems to maximize their operating efficiency in commercial and industrial applications. The layout, programming and operation of the building management systems are emphasized.

HVAC 451 – Energy Analysis and Audit
5 Semester Credit Hours
The survey of utility rate structures, billing energy consumption and energy profiling of commercial and industrial buildings. On-site audit projects will report on recommendations to building envelopes, HVACR systems and control systems with regard to payback. Oral and written presentations are required in this senior project course.

HVAC 462 – Primary HVAC Equipment Selection
4 Semester Credit Hours
The layout of state-of-the-art equipment and systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Emphasis is placed upon appropriate alternate energy sources with cost analysis and paybacks being performed.

HVAC 499 – System and Energy Analysis
5 Semester Credit Hours
Given building architectural plans, appropriate software, codes and standards and owner's requirements, students will select appropriate HVAC systems, conduct economic analysis, design systems and produce working drawings, specifications and control sequences for evaluation.

ISYS 204 – Basic Programming
3 Semester Credit Hours
Basic programming language interwoven with logical problem solving and related computer concepts, in which basic can be used to solve varying types and complexities of problems.

MATH 126 – Algebra and Analytic Trigonometry
4 Semester Credit Hours
Analytic trigonometry and trigonometric equations, the j-operator, DeMoivre's Theorem, nonlinear inequalities, applications of logarithmic and exponential equations and plane analytic geometry with polar sketching equations of higher degree, remainder theorem, factor theorem, synthetic division, rational and irrational roots of polynomials.

Phys 212 – Introductory Physics 2
4 Semester Credit Hours
Continuation of PHYS 211. Further exploration of basic concepts and applications of electricity, magnetism, light and modern physics.


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