Team Earns Second Place in the CCDC

The first team from Ferris to ever participate in the College Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) achieved second place. The competition took place March 9, 2013 in Grand Rapids. The team achieved a higher rank than Baker College's team, which became the national champion last year. It is unprecedented that a team would do so well in their first year of competition, according to the CCDC.

The Ferris team was made up of seven students from multiple programs. MS-ISI student Ruei-An Yang lead the group as team captain. Other MS-ISI students on the team were Wendy Hedersbeck and Shaileshwori Bhatta Acharya. BS-ISIN students Joseph Schlehuber and Eric Hendershott, BS-CNS student Julius Marshall, and BS-CIS student Chi Luong completed the team. The team was advised by Professor Vel Pavlov. Pavlov helped to guide the team during their preperation for the competition.

This is an excellent cross-program and cross-college initiative.  Congratulations to the team!