Sixth Graders Experience Ferris for the First Time

Sixty sixth grade students from Reeths-Puffer Intermediate School visited the College of Business to get their first look at a college campus.

This visit to Ferris was part of a long-term goal to inspire the Reeths-Puffer students to pursue higher education after high school. Most of the students had never been on a college campus before and they were ecstatic to explore Ferris.

Students piled onto a bus to travel from Muskegon to the doors of the IRC. Ferris students from the public relations program greeted the bus with enthusiastic high-fives and welcoming smiles as the sixth-graders jumped happily off the bus and met Brutus for pictures.

After a big welcome from Jeff Ek and Patrick Bishop about what life is like as a student at Ferris. The Reeths-Puffer students met Coach Annese, the Head Ferris Football Coach for pictures with the team. Then, Graphic Design students led the visitors in making posters in the Mac Computer Lab.

The students had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious feast at the Rock before heading over to three workshops that featured the Graphic Design, Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising programs. Each activitiy involved the visitors in a few of the skills that students develop in these programs.

“With posters in hand they were greeted by their parents who were told over and over that they had the best day 'of their lives.' I so wish I could bottle what our day at Ferris did for our students.” Said Kelley Peel, Reeths-Puffer counselor.

The College of Business hopes to see some of those students return in a few years to become full-time Bulldogs!



Graphic Design students led the visitors in designing a Ferris College of Business poster.

Other workshops included Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising.