Graphic Media Management Has 100% Graduation Placement Rate

Graphic Media Management students learn techniques that employers are looking for in professionals.Melissa DiVietri shows off the skills she's learned as a student in the Graphic Media Management program.

“Unleash your inner printer!” is the mantra of the Graphic Media Management progam, a degree with a 100% graduation placement rate.

As students prepare for college, they are presented with the challenge of choosing a program for study. For creative people who are business-minded and enjoy working with computer graphics, Graphic Media Management may just be the perfect program.

Our program is unique because we are very hands-on with our instruction. We have state of the art equipment and software that we use to support our theory points. The students learn the tools they will be using when they graduate,” said Professor and Program Champion Patrick Klarecki.

The Graphic Media Management program receives more than $100,000 each year in supplies, equipment, and software donations from industry sponsors. Students use the tools to learn the core operation of production planning, estimating, cost analysis, process and color management, and workflow automation.

“Companies are seeking innovative, driven students with print and digital workflow capabilities; FSU can offer those opportunities. Be ready to work hard, but it will pay off,” said Melissa DiVietri, a senior in the Graphic Media Management program.

If you are looking for a unique hands-on program in a field where employers are looking to hire, look no further than Graphic Media Management.