Professional Tennis Management


Any member in good standing of the PTMSA is eligible to run for an office. Elections will be by secret ballot, of all active members present on Election Day, and will elect officers for one school year.

Elections will be held at least three weeks prior to the end of the winter semester. Once the date of the elections have been chosen by the E-Board, the parties running have until 7 days prior to the chosen date to announce their intentions.

Elections will be held in the format of a three to five person slate. Students interested in running for office must volunteer to do so one month before the end of the semester. The nominating committee that consists of at least two of the current officers will make the nominations.

The parties running must announce ALL persons on their slate one week prior to the election. All slates must be announced before any of the slates present. All slates must present on the same day. Voting will be held on the same day as the presentation of the slates.


Duties of the Officers:
The duties of the officers will be decided by the running parties and can vary depending on the number of people running. Authority can be delegated in the traditional five-person slate of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms, or all five of these positions may be filled by as few as three people, all with equal authority and duties. In the event that a vacancy should occur in one of the positions, an election shall be held to fill the office. The membership has the authority to remove an officer from office. The vote necessary for removal shall be two-thirds plus one of the active members in good standing.