Graphic Media Management

  • Graphic Media Management Has 100% Graduation Placement Rate

    February 20th, 2014“Unleash your inner printer!” This is the mantra of the Graphic Media Management progam, a degree with a 100% graduation placement rate.The Graphic Media Management program receives more than $100,000 each year in supplies, equipment, and software donations from industry sponsors. Students use the tools to learn the core operation of production planning, estimating, cost analysis, process and color management, and workflow automation....
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  • Professor Pat Klarecki Speaks at Printing Conference

    December 2nd, 2013This past April, Graphic Media Management Professor Patrick Klarecki was asked to speak at the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Media Technologies and Education in China. His presentation was titled "Sustainable Printing: Lessons Learned in North America.” It focused on educating professionals and students in the printing industry about actions printing companies in the United States take to improve sustainability in printing, such as conserving electricity and reducing air and water pollutants. China has recently made the printing industry a priority and wants those who are interested in this field to excel in their education. As a result, Shangai Printing and Publishing College will be partnering with Ferris State in the future so that printing students from China...
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