Key Courses

  • Finishing & Distribution Systems
  • Portable Document Files
  • Printing and Imaging Systems
  • Digital Color Reproduction
  • Prepress Workflow Automation
  • Substrates, Ink, and Coatings
  • Prepress Project
  • Press and Post Press Project

The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Graphic Communications includes instruction in pre-media prodcution, digital imaging methods, offset lithographic printing, and finishing processes. This program serves as a foundation for the Bachelor of Science in Graphic Media Management.

Students who excel in the program tend to be visually creative, embrace computer and network workflow, are not afraid of mechanical technology.  Students in this program gain satisfaction from producing print and distributing visual media content using graphic technologies and digital media. This program has accreditation through GAERF and is excluded from ACBSP accreditation.


Courses in this program are delivered:

  • Big Rapids