PGM Alumnus Returns Seeking Students For Internships


Ryan Szydlowski, an alumnus of the PGA Professional Golf Management Program made quite the journey from Palm Desert California, seeking PGM students for upcoming internships.

Ryan, a Michigan native from Alpena graduated from Ferris in December of 2009. He is currently the Head Golf Professional at Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert, California. After completing an internship with Desert Willow, Ryan was offered a full time position at the resort.

For only being out of school for three years, Ryan has made quite the career for himself. Some responsibilities of a Head Golf Professional include setting up lessons, hiring/firing, facility operations, planning and setting up golf outings and events, and coordinating those events with food and beverage on site.

Of the 20 PGA Professional Golf Management programs in the United States, Ryan says he hires about double the number of Ferris students compared to other universities. With 16 months of internships under their belts, PGM students are experienced professionals that have PGA training built into their curriculum, which leads to membership upon graduation.

The program also recently purchased TrackMan golf radar technology, which tracks a golfer’s swing and analyzes ball flight patterns to enhance a golfers consistency on the course. Ryan suggests knowledge of this technology puts students even further ahead in the industry, as the technology is new and very dominant in the golf world.