Why Major in Energy Systems Engineering?

A bachelors degree in Energy Systems Engineering through Ferris prepares students for a broad range of occupations solving some of today's leading energy related problems.

The Energy Systems Engineering degree program builds strong foundations in math and science, including the basics of engineering and energy before choosing a carer path in one of the following:

  • Building Energy Systems
  • Energy Generation and Distribution Systems
  • Alternative Energy Systems

Concerned about the future of energy resources and its availability? Become a part of the solution with an energy systems engineering degree through Ferris.

Advance Your Career
with an Energy Systems Engineering Degree

The energy systems engineering degree program at Ferris prepares students for work with utility companies, government agencies, architectural-engineering firms and businesses, and industry solving today's leading energy problems. Students who obtain their bachelors in energy systems engineering will help design and build energy systems, including energy generation and distribution systems, and alternative energy systems. Some graduates of the Energy systems engineering program go on to work as energy consultants and system engineers. A bachelors in energy systems engineering leads to work careers in energy production, control, and management.

Energy Systems Engineering College Graduates Get Great Jobs

Ferris graduates who secure a bachelors in energy systems engineering are in high demand as companies and individuals seek and develop programs for reducing energy costs and consumption.

Energy Systems Engineering ESEN Bachelors Degree
Admission Requirements

Students entering the program should have a MATH ACT of 26 or better (Composite ACT of 19) and pre-calculus or high school calculus, and a high school GPA of 2.75.

College Degree Energy Systems Engineering ESEN
Graduation Requirements

The Energy Systems Engineering program at Ferris leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 GPA in major classes and overall. Students must complete all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website.

If you would like more information on Energy Systems Engineering Degree Programs at Ferris State University call (231) 591-2000.

  • About the Energy Systems Engineering Bachelors Degree Program at Ferris State: Energy systems engineering degree courses, including our Bachelors in Energy Systems Engineering ESEN, are taught at all levels by professional teachers, not graduate assistants. College students at Ferris State University, including our energy systems engineering degree students, are able to extend their studies in more than 170 different college educational programs – beyond Ferris State’s Michigan energy systems engineering programs.

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    If you would like more information on the Ferris State energy systems engineering degree program or would like to talk with or visit our campus in Big Rapids, Michigan contact us.

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    Ferris State University Mission Statement

    Ferris State University prepares students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning. Through its many partnerships and its career-oriented, broad-based education, Ferris serves our rapidly changing global economy and society.

    Ferris State University is the recognized leader in integrative education, where theory meets practice throughout the curriculum, and where multi-disciplinary skills important in a global economy are developed with the result that Ferris State University will also be the preferred choice for energy systems engineering and college students who seek specialized, innovative, career and life-enhancing education. FSU is the premier educational partner for government, communities, agencies, businesses, and industries through applied research and joint ventures. Ferris State offers a stimulating, student-centered academic environment that fosters life-long engagement, leadership, citizenship, and continuing intellectual development.

    Energy Systems Engineering Degree Program - Promotes Core Values

    Ferris State's energy systems engineering degree program contributes to the advancement of society by building partnerships with energy systems engineering students, alumni, business and industry, government bodies, accrediting agencies, and the communities the University serves. By providing a Michigan college campus which is supportive, safe, and welcoming, Ferris State embraces a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and cultures. Ferris State recognizes the inherent dignity of each member of the University community and treats everyone with respect. FSU is committed to innovation and creativity, Ferris State strives to produce the highest quality outcomes in all its endeavors. Ferris State University values college education that is career-oriented, balances theory and practice, develops critical thinking, emphasizes active learning, and fosters responsibility and the desire for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. The energy systems engineering degree program at FSU keeps a focus on developing career skills and knowledge, providing opportunities for civic engagement, leadership development, career advancement, and success.