Registration and Academic Guide 2015-2016

Registration Periods

Early Registration

All currently enrolled students who plan to take classes are encouraged to register early. The first day you are eligible to register is available on MyFSU. Students may register or make schedule changes via the internet on a 24 hour basis after a student’s first day of registration, with the exception of scheduled system maintenance or unanticipated interruptions.

Internet Registration

There are two convenient ways to register for classes. If you choose to use Internet Registration please refer to the instructions previously listed.

In Person Registration

If you choose not to use the internet system you may schedule your classes at the Timme Center for Student Services. If you require advising, please contact your advisor or college academic counselor prior to coming to the Timme Center. Students should contact the appropriate department for courses requiring a permit or override.

To expedite your registration be sure to prepare your class schedule, including the CRN of each class, before you arrive. One of our Student Service Representatives can enter the information into the registration system. These representatives cannot advise you regarding what classes to take. If you have course questions you should talk to your advisor or academic counselor.

If you register early, your first invoice will be sent by Student Financial Services electronically to your FSU email account. All other invoices for the semester will be sent electronically. You can pay your bill on-line at Student Financial Services, stop into the Timme Center for Student Services or you can send a check or money order to Student Financial Services. Deferred payment plans and enrollment information are available through E-bill.

If someone other than you (e.g., parents) will pay your tuition, you are responsible for notifying them of the charges and the payment deadline as well as enrolling them as an authorized user on E-bill. You should make sure that the University has your current address on the student system. Your account balance and current amount due is also available on the MyFSU.
Failure to receive an invoice is not a basis for non-payment.

Late Registration

Students are expected to pay the minimum balance due during each registration period. Class schedules may be dropped for students who have not paid or have insufficient financial aid to cover the minimum payment (50%) of their total bill by the last day of late registration. A Student Financial Services hold will be placed on students whose classes were dropped for non-payment, or for those who have not scheduled. The student will need to pay all past due charges, have sufficient financial aid or pay 50% of current charges, plus a $100.00 late fee prior to re-register during the drop/add period. No invoices are mailed during late registration.

Drop/Add Period

Institutional Change Days
First 4 days of the semester...

Once classes begin, you may adjust your schedule during the first four days of the term. Students may make schedule changes via MyFSU on a 24 hour basis with the exception of scheduled system maintenance or unanticipated interruptions in the first three days of the drop/add period, and 12:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on the last day. Changes can be made by using the internet or in person at the Timme Center for Student Services. Schedule adjustments are not permitted after the fourth day of the term without the approval of your dean's office. If you increase your charges during this period, you must pay the extra charges by the 4th day of classes or your schedule may be dropped. Beginning the first day of the term, total withdrawals from the University are processed through the Timme Center for Student Services or by calling the Registrar's Office at 231-591-2792 or toll free at 1-800-433-7747.

Students attempting to register for the first time or rescheduling because their classes were dropped at the end of Late Registration will have a Student Financial Services hold and will need to have sufficient financial aid or pay 100% of any past due balance plus 50% of the current semester charges and a late registration fee of $100.00. No invoices are mailed during the drop/add period.

At the end of the drop/add period (fourth day of the semester), students without a schedule who want to register will have a registration hold and will need to contact Student Financial Services and receive Associate Provost of Academic Operations approval before registration can take place. They will also be charged the $100.00 late registration fee and will need to have sufficient financial aid or pay 100% of any past due balance plus 50% of the current semester charges. Students who are not registered for a class(es) will NOT be allowed to attend class(es).