Enrollment Services Complaint Policy

Student Complaint Policy and Procedures

Enrollment Services Unit - Admissions, Financial Aid, Institutional Research & Testing, and Registrar's Office. Division of Student Affairs - Ferris State University


The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Present Enrollment Services policy for addressing student complaints.
  • Explain our procedures for addressing how we review and resolve student complaints in a timely manner.
  • Explain our mechanism for tracking and aggregating student complaint information.
  • Explain how we study the pattern of student complaints to determine whether improvements in our programs or processes might be appropriate.


Enrollment Services and the Division of Student Affairs will address and systematically process student complaints that it receives in a timely manner.

In addition, the Code of Student Community Standards [2016-2017 Student handbook, p. 10] states that each Ferris State University student has the right to initiate a complaint that may bring about an investigation and/or disciplinary action involving another member of the University academic community.


If a student has a complaint, the recommended general strategy is for that student to first contact the relevant office within the Enrollment Services Unit with the issue at hand, unless there are good reasons for not doing so, such as a desire to maintain anonymity with the Department.

The University Directory and the Admissions website are two means to contact the office to make a complaint. Another is to contact:

  • Admissions  - Kathy Lake, Associate Dean of Enrollment Services (231) 591-2113
  • Institutional Research  - Mitzi Day, Director of Institutional Research & Testing (231) 591-3800
  • Financial Aid - Heide Wisby, Director of Financial Aid (231) 591-2115
  • Registrars Office - Elise Gramza, Registrar/Assoc. Dean of Enrollment Svcs. (231) 591-5446

Student Anonymity (Confidentiality)

If, for any reason, a student does not want to personally or directly contact a staff member to discuss a complaint, they may contact the person in the next highest level of authority, which would commonly be the supervisor (director, dean, associate vice president, or vice president). The student may request an appointment to meet with the director/dean/associate vice president and/or send a signed written description of the issue or problem and request that their identity be kept confidential. That request will be honored unless there are overriding reasons to do otherwise.

Advice to Students - Steps to Submitting a Formal Written Signed Complaint:

Step 1: First try to resolve your complaint informally by talking with a staff member in the department most directly connected to your complaint. The staff member may request that you provide additional documentation if necessary, or schedule an appointment to address your concern.

Step 2: To submit a formal written signed complaint, please do so with the Dean of Enrollment Services. An exception would be complaints involving the Dean. For such issues, complaints should be submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs. If you are not sure who the appropriate person is, simply ask any staff member for assistance. The written signed complaint must include the following information:

  • The actual complaint (be as specific as possible); and
  • The specific outcome you are seeking.

Step 3: The Dean of Enrollment Services or designee (in appropriate incidents) will address the complaint with the individual; in a timely basis and to the best of his/her ability. Appropriate actions and steps will be taken, if necessary, to resolve the issue for the good of the complainant and the department, with the goal of service improvement. 

Step 4: If the problem remains unresolved, the Dean or staff member may refer the student to the Vice President for Student Affairs and his/her designee.

General Information for Addressing Student Complaints from other areas:

All student concerns are taken seriously in the Enrollment Services department and the overall Division of Student Affairs. Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve non-Enrollment Services complaints by visiting or calling the following areas to directly resolve their concern with the appropriate staff members. Enrollment Services staff are usually able to refer students to the appropriate offices.

Issues related to academic transcripts, transfer credits:

Contact Admissions and records at 231 591-2100 located on the second floor of the Timme Center for Student Services.