Non-Multifunctional Printer Standards

Vendors and Models:
Hewlett Packard is the University standard vendor for most office and classroom printers. This vendor was selected based on the devices' ease of use, cost of consumables, repair history and support history of their products.

Laser printers are preferred over ink jets. Consumables for laser printers are less expensive in the long run, and the printers are more reliable and have a longer service life.

Purchasing information:
To keep costs down, it is recommended that larger printers are networked in a central location for offices to use. However, there are times that it may be more prudent to purchase individual printers for each office. Networked printers should be purchased with an internal network card.

Please review the costs of the consumables for the printer before ordering to understand fully the costs associated with the printer.

Revised: July 24, 2013

Reviewed: May 23, 2013