Intramural Sports
Summer 2012 Registration Process





A.    Captains must get an intramural Team Registration form from the UREC office (SRC 101) or from this webpage. The registration form includes sport to be played; division of play (men, women, fraternity, co-rec); team name; captain and co-captain information.


B.     Every player (including the captain) must personally fill out and sign an individual registration form before they are eligible to compete. There is an informed liability release on the individual registration form that must be signed. You can pick this form up at the UREC office or from this webpage.


C.     Captains must submit the intramural registration form to the UREC office by the publicized entry deadline to ensure a spot in the league.

D. For League play: the team must have the required number of players signed up before the captain can secure a time slot in our "instant scheduling" process. All teams must have at least half the starting line up registered to continue with the scheduling process. Starting line ups depend on the sport your team is sigining up to play. For example, the starting line up for Flag Football is 7 players so your team would need at least 4 players registered to "instant schedule" your team: Volleyball is 6 players so you would need 3 players registered, etc.


E.    Any entries received after the entry deadline will be entered into a league on availability basis only.


F.     Teams may choose their own team name with the professional staff at the UREC office reserving the right to change a team name if they feel it is inappropriate.


G.      The entry fee for intramural sports activities can be paid by cash, check, credit card or it can be charged directly to the player's student account.


H.    Captains or a team member must respond to the online “captain’s quiz” by the specific date for the sport they have entered. Failure to do so can result in elimination from the league or tournament.


 I. Free Agents:  Individuals desiring to participate in a team sport, but are not affiliated with an organization, may come by the SRC or Intramural Office and sign up as a free agent.  Teams that do not have the minimum number of required players are encouraged to draft players from the free agent’s list.  If there are enough people signed up as free agents, then a free agent team will be added to the league.