Frequently Asked Questions

What are Intramural Sports?

Intramural sports offer Ferris State students, faculty and staff the opportunity to play organized sports in a recreational and competitive atmosphere, learn new sports skills, recreate in a social environment, and have fun with fellow friends and students.

How many hours a week do Intramural Sports take?

Generally, you will play about 1 game per week and all games only last about an hour.

Do we have to practice?

Most teams do not practice - they just get together and play the scheduled games. You are free to practice if you wish!

What does the registration fee go towards?

The registration fee helps pay for our officials and allows us to purchase new equipment.

Why does Ferris charge a registration fee? No other schools do!

Most schools around the state do charge a registration fee, for the same reasons that we do - Michigan State, Western Michigan, and Grand Valley included.

How do you choose officials?

Our officials go through our training program before they begin officaitng our sports. They are evaluated by our Rec Assistants and Supervisors, and must meet the set criteria to be allowed to work.