URec Mission and Vision Statements

University Recreation Mission:

University Recreation encourages healthy interaction and enhances the academic experience by providing quality diverse programs that create an environment that promotes leadership and social development, healthy active lifestyles and lifelong wellness for the university community.

University Recreation Vision/Outcomes:

As a result of involvement and participation in University Recreation programs, services and access to facilities, and/or employment students will:

  • establish positive relationships with others in our community
  • recognize individual's potential and contributions within a culturally diverse community
  • demonstrate fairness, honesty, respect, and integrity with decision making and interactions
  • effectively exchange information with others using interpersonal communication and conflict-resolution skills
  • work cooperatively with others in a respectful manner
  • demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • effectively manage time
  • develop leadership skills
  • identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • understand the benefits of leisure and fitness activities for their improved wellness and quality of life
  • demonstrate civic engagement through active involvement in activities