Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a projector?  

- Yes, it is a LCD projector and a  charge applies for usage for off campus customers.

Do you have a podium?    

- Yes - no charge.

Do you have a kitchen with supplies? 

- Yes we have a kitchen with a sink, stove, standard refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot and trash cans.  However, it is the customers responsibility to bring all equipment to utilize in the kitchen we do not supply kitchen items.

Do I have to use FSU catering in order to have food at my event? 

- No you do not.  However, if you are serving food to the public where money is collected via donation or a set fee you must contact the Mecosta County Health Department and receive a temporary food license.

Are we responsible for clean up? 

- Yes the room needs to be returned to the WCCC standard.