Laundry Facilities

There is a laundry room located on the second floor of each of the three buildings in the East Campus Suites. The laundry rooms are reserved for the exclusive use of residents of the building in which they are located. Use of laundry equipment by anyone not living in the building is strictly prohibited.

Each resident is assigned a laundry card at the time of check-in to the suites. Laundry cards are pre-valued with enough value for 2 full loads of laundry each week throughout the academic year. Be careful with your laundry card as we treat them like cash. Lost or stolen cards will require the resident to purchase a replacement card and revalue the card at the resident’s expense.

The television in the laundry room is to encourage residents to stay with their laundry at all times. The University cannot be responsible for personal items of residents. Television controls are located on the wall below the television including on/off, channel selection and volume. Residents will also find hookups available for gaming systems, computers, etc.