Lofted Bed
Attention Clark, Hallisy and Vandercook residents: due to the room layout, we recommend that only ONE roommate rents a bed loft. However, if you find that you have enough space for two bed lofts after you move in all your belongings, you may visit one of our on-campus locations during move-in to place your order. Please select the “Distribution Information” tab at left of this webpage link for dates, times and locations we will be on campus.


The University does not require nor necessarily recommend students utilize lofted beds. The university furniture provided allows for flexibility in the layout of students’ rooms. Should a student elect to use a lofted bed, the University permits their use so long as they rent a loft from our partner or build their own, meeting the specifications provided in our approved plans. Roommates should agree on the use of a loft prior to one or the other bringing one to their room.


Renting a Loft

Lofted BedStudents have the option to rent a bed loft from or build their own bed loft.  Bed lofts create a significant amount of extra space, giving students a more comfortable living area.

Ferris State University partners with to provide the bed loft rental option - a new service for 2013-14.  This is an easy, affordable way to have a bed loft.  Students who pre-order at during the summer will have their bed loft on-campus for easy pick-up on move-in day - one less large item to move from home!  Futons are also available for purchase from and are custom-designed to fit in Ferris State's residence hall rooms.  For product pricing, pictures, and details, please visit


Building a Loft

Approved Loft PlansIf you choose to build your own bed loft, please consult our page Building Your Own Loft and consider one of our local lumber providers such as Menard's, Lowe's Home Improvement, Big Rapids Cash and Carry Do It Center, etc.