Frequently Asked Questions

Why live on campus?

» Easy Living
» Getting Involved in Activities
» Close To Campus Resources and Activities
» Healthy Food Available in the Dining Units

» Mail Service: You will receive your mail in a post office style mailbox in your residence hall. A deskworker will be available for you to receive mail (like a package from home, UPS, FedEx or floral delivery) that is too big to fit in your mailbox.

» Free Laundry Facilities: Every hall has washers and dryers that are available for resident use only. Laundry machines operate on a vending card assigned to each student at the beginning of the year. Usage fees are included in room and board charges.

» Hall Council: Every residence hall has a governing body called Hall Council. The executive board is made up of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and an RHA rep. Likewise, every floor or "House" has a government. Each House has a representative to hall council that are responsible for voting for their floor. Every resident is encouraged to attend House and Hall council meetings to have a say in how hall social funds are spent. Hall Council is responsible for buying new equipment, fixing old equipment, planning all hall activities and any other matter that concerns the hall (like setting up or changing policies).

» Computer Labs: Brophy/McNerney, Merrill/Travis, and Bond have 24 hour computer labs. All students living in the residence halls can print to a laser printer at their hall front desk from their laptops and desktops in their rooms.

» Cable Television: Each room is equipped with a cable television outlet. Campus cable carries movie channels, all major networks, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Fox, CNN, MTV and many more.

» Getting Connected to the FSU Network: Each room is equipped with a connection for computer access to the Internet, FSU library, FSU and other network services. Student Technology Services (STS), a department within Ferris, provides computer network connections for all students living in the Residence Halls and the University Apartments. If you have any questions, please give them a call at (231)-591-4822.

» Recreational Equipment: Each hall has lobby games such as pool tables, ping pong, air hockey and Foosball for your enjoyment. In addition, board games are generally available for check out from the hall desk.

» Study Facilities: Most halls have room(s) or upper and lower lobbies that are used for studying. Many halls have study rooms right on the floors.

» Employment: Student employment opportunities exist right inside your own residence hall. Some of these jobs include working at food units, front desk clerk, night security, etc.

» Front Desk Services: The front desk is staffed by students who are able to answer questions or assist with problems. Vacuum cleaners, first aid supplies, sports and recreation equipment and games are just a few of the things available at the front desk.

» Vending Machines: To satisfy your hunger pains and quench your thirst, vending machines are located in each hall.

» Lounge Areas: Each hall has a lounge - a "living room" and /or a recreational lounge. Lounges may have a television, ping pong tables and piano. These areas provide a comfortable place to study and meet with friends.

» Safety and Security: Bulldog ID Card swipe access is available on all residence halls for the convenience of residents. Over thirty new blue light phones were added to campus in 2009. All students are asked to do their part to keep our campus and their residence hall secure. The partnership and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

» Escort Service: Public Safety (FSU police) provides escorts for students choosing not to walk alone at night.

» Specialty Programs: There are residence halls with specific programming designed to meet the needs of your student. There are all-private room halls, a substance free hall, an apartment style hall, honors hall, FYE (First Year Experience) hall, and halls designated for those students over 20 years of age.