Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help students with roommate concerns?

Room Agreements

Roommates and suitemates are strongly encouraged to complete a room/suitemate agreement within the first few days of the academic year.  Doing so encourages dialogue about room expectations that can ward off the vast majority of roommate conflicts.  Ask for an agreement sheet from your floor's Resident Advisor.



When conflicts arise between roommates, hall staff will encourage students to attempt to resolve issues on their own before intervening in the situation.  This is an educational opportunity for those who are unfamiliar with roommates and an opportunity for others to role model conflict resolution in our halls.

If unable to reach an agreement, students are to contact their Resident Advisor and/or Hall Director to obtain assistance in resolving their differences. Hall Directors have a list of available hours posted outside their office along with phone numbers.  Please note that parental involvement usually compounds issues that may otherwise be resolved by students working things out themselves.

All students should familiarize themselves with the Ferris Code of Community Standards.  Of note, Section V: Housing Regulations and Standards