The University does not require nor necessarily recommend students to utilize lofted beds. The university furniture provided allows for flexibility in the layout of students' rooms. Should a student choose to utilize a lofted bed design, the University does permit their use so long as the loft meets the exact specifications provided in these plans. Please note that Ferris State University does not contract with nor recommend any specific service provider for loft supplies or building services. At this time, the University is not aware of any local service provider for loft building services. Bundled lumber may be purchased at local lumber yards, however, with such services students must cut, drill and assemble lofts on their own. Please remember that cutting and staining is not permitted inside the residence halls. Adherence to the loft policy and specifications, including any resulting damage to rooms or furnishings, are the sole responsibility of the student. Please note that fully assembled loft frames may not fit in the residence hall stairwells and hallways leading to student rooms. It is recommended that loft frames are assembled on site.

Due to the design of the residence halls, some rooms may differ slightly in size for the dimensions on these plans. While great care has been taken to provide dimensions that will fit the vast majority of rooms in the halls listed, occasionally lofts may require slight modification to fit properly in each room. Residents are reminded that sawing, drilling or staining are not permitted inside the residence halls.