Students with Medical Considerations

The residence halls are constructed of brick walls and most rooms have tile floors. The furnishings of each room allow students to have total control of room cleanliness. The residence halls utilize radiant heat rather than forced air which allows for maximum control of airborne allergens and irritants. All housing facilities are 100% smoke free making the accommodations ideal for students to control exposure to allergens and irritants in their rooms. Allergies are not a means by which the University would cancel the Housing and Dining Contract.

Issues of accessibility should be made known to the Disabilities Service Office at the time of initial enrollment. Requests for specific accommodation should be made at the time of application for housing on the Housing and Dining Contract signature card as well as by contacting the Housing Office directly at 231-591-3745. The Housing Office prides itself on providing specific accommodation for students with disabilities. Students with temporary disabilities may consult with the Housing Office for accommodation. All such requests or concerns may be directed to the Housing Office.

Exemption Forms