Living with Siblings or Other Family

The policy explicitly states that students must live on campus unless living in the permanent home of their parents where the parent's permanent home is located within 50 road miles of the university. This exception to the policy is meant to allow truly "local" students an opportunity to live at home. Students are not approved to live anywhere other than the permanent home of the parent. Unfortunately this precludes students from living off campus with older siblings, aunt/uncles, grandparents or other family members living in the Big Rapids area. This also precludes the ability to stay at cabins or other vacation property in the area in lieu of living on campus. The spirit of the policy also precludes a parent buying a second home in the area or serving as signor on rental property as such arrangements are not the permanent home of the parent.

The 50 road mile radius distance from campus is firm. The university has determined this as the furthest reasonable commuting distance to campus, therefore, those who are close but outside of 50 miles will not be granted an exception. The mileage is generally determined using a website with an on-line mapping and distance calculator. Please note the University reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify parents' address and information.

Exemption Forms