Students with Financial Considerations

There is little doubt that college is an expensive investment in a student's future. The cost of room and board, like tuition, is kept as low as possible each year despite rapidly increasing costs for the university to provide a top-notch education experience. Living on campus is as integral a part of the Ferris State learning experience just as the classes that are required for a particular degree. Like tuition, the cost of living on campus is an expense students are expected to bear when choosing Ferris State. There is, however, a great return on your investment.

Generally speaking, a desire to "save money" by living off campus is not grounds for an exception to the University's residency requirement. Studies have shown that living on campus is truly no more expensive than living off campus when all such relative costs of conveniences are compared. With the added convenience and opportunity for engagement in the university community, the University holds firm the belief that students are more successful when living on campus.

It is important to submit all the information requested to receive the fullest consideration possible. Students should understand that a desire to avoid student loans is not grounds for an exception to the residency requirement. Similarly, a student's inability to cover all of the costs associated with attending Ferris State through loans/financial aid is not grounds for an exception to the residency requirement.

The Required Forms must be submitted. Also:

  • Students must have submitted their FAFSA for the academic year (or semester) in which they are applying. Failure to do so will result in the request being denied.
  • Financial requests for any fall semester cannot be reviewed until financial aid has been awarded for that semester.